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In The Shadows: What is it?
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In The Shadows is an unofficial Single Player Expansion Pack for Battlezone II, Combat Commander.  Unofficial meaning it is not supported by Activision or Pandemic.  A change from my previous expansions is that you are the bad guys (The Scion Rebels) and the expansion also has a split ending, so you can chose your fate.  In The Shadows takes place a few months after the successful conversion of The Dark Planet to the New Scion Core.  But all is not well, the main scion forces are hunting down the remainder of the scion rebels.  The Scion Rebels, who were unsuccessful in stopping the conversion of the Dark Planet, want to rid the Mire system of the ISDF and Main Scion Forces, and have it to them selves, where they can rest in peace, away from outsiders.  Running out of options, you are sent to secure one of the few bases on mire from an invading Scion Force.  You will face new units such as the Fury Bomber, and Quantum Spires, the new additions to the scion fleets.  With these new technology however, the scion rebels still don't stand much of a chance, it is up to you to find a way to even the odds, and help take over the Mire System.

In The Shadows: Legality

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