Starfleet Platoon


Mission 1 - "Bad Times"

Pandemic - BZ2 Map

Mission 2 - "X Marks the Spot" Natty Bump - Forest Lawns
Mission 3 - "Black Out" GFA Morpheus - FE Dark Forest
Mission 4 - "Cold Dish of Revenge" BZ2 v1.3 Patch - "IA Sub Zero"
Mission 5 - "True Agenda" Pandemic - BZ2 Map
Mission 6a - "Destruction" {SFP} Boj-Man
Mission 6b - "Redemption" {SFP} Boj-Man
Mission Scripts:
Mission 1 - "Bad Times" {SFP} Sonic
Mission 2 - "X Marks the Spot" {SFP} Sonic
Mission 3 - "Black Out" {SFP} Sonic
Mission 4 - "Cold Dish of Revenge" {SFP} Sonic
Mission 5 - "True Agenda" {SFP} Sonic
Mission 6a - "Destruction" {SFP} Sonic
Mission 6b - "Redemption" {SFP} Sonic
The CmptrWz684 Credit List: Any More Credits, and We'll have to make him his own mod!
Mission 3 - "Black Out" Theme Idea CmptrWz
Mod Manager 5 CmptrWz
Scion Voice Configuration CmptrWz
The In The Shadows Movies CmptrWz
ISDF Day Wrecker Effect CmptrWz
Converting ST Font to BZ2 Font CmptrWz
MODs Used:
Forest Assets Lizard, Slaor
Dragoon Lizard
Puma Lizard
Black Dog Razor /FÂ\ SLI, Dutch Boy and =V= Amaleki
Mantachora BOJ-MAN
Raven Tower Bull Dog
ThunderBolt Bomber Team Battlezone?
G66 Assets Natty
Quantum Beam and Missile Launcher BZ2CP, converted by Boj-Man
The Fury Bomber The Starfleet MOD
Other Black Dog Units Tempest Storm, SFmod, Teambattlezone
Scimitar Fishbone
Battlezone II DLL Scriptor 1.6 BS-er
Gold Wave Chris S. Craig
Battlezone Fractal Landscape Generator (BzFrac) v1.4a Derek Sorensen
PAK Explorer - Version Christian Leinen
The AIP Editor Christian Leinen
Major Thomas Stephens {SFP} Sonic
General Blue General Williams
Scion Scout The Starfleet MOD
The Starfleet MOD, Forgotten Enemies, Battlezone II v1.3 Patch, GSH, Ken, Will, v1.3 Beta Team, G66, TeamBattlezone
Beta Testers:
BZ2 v1.3 Beta Team

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