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1~ What is a boj and/or stand for/mean ? A boj is me, boj is my real nick name and i needed an extension for an email address so _man was added to my nick name. ( i like the - better that  _ )
2~ When will the next version of Starfleet be ready ? If u go into the future about 1 year and ask me then, i'll tell u.
3~ I cant get Starfleet working with MM4, what do i do ? Make sure MM4 knows where your BZ2 folder is. Then if it still wont work extract this file into your main BZ2 folder. See modifier site if it still wont work
4~ I cant return to normal BZ2, what do i do? Extract this file into your main BZ2 folder. If its still Starfleet then i suggest u reinstall BZ2.
5~ Starfleet keeps crashing? why? You have an older version of starfleet (most likey v0.5) as the current version didnt seem to have any bugs.(v Xe.a
6~ Why do i always loose in MPI or IA ? Cause i made it harder and yes u can win without cheats (i have im sure someone else can)
7~ What happens if SF is always stuck on, even with or without mm4 ? Try question 4's answer
8~ What in the world is what in SF ? Good question, i'll have a guide up soon, not a big one, but a simple, good one.

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