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Credit for: Author:
Raven, Tarantula(Stuka) Alistair Sullivan/Think Tank Funk
Puma, Dragoon, Fighter(Hunter)  Lizard 
Rocket Tower  Avatar
Cobra, Pincer  AlphaDragon
Comm Tower Dutchboy
Way too much stuff to type up!! {SFP} Sonic
Defender(Uler GunTower), Models Coxxon
Early Beta Testers, Help MRJ, Sun God 
Bz1 units  Team Battlezone(TBZ), /FÂ\ SLI, Dutch Boy, =V= Amaleki
Heavy Tower(Raven Tower) Bull Dog 
Threed  Kibbles 'n' Bits
Pak Explorer, Starfleet Launcher Christian Leinen
AIP tips Natty Bumpoo
Models, textures FE dev team
DLL Help Chipotle
BZ1 textures Gus Man B
In-Game movie, some site graphics []-[]A[]D[]DY[]V[]A[]\[]
Maps, v/os, and overall help {SFP}Alv_Zee~
xsi file help/modifications Fishbone
keeping SF alive while boj-man was down, pitching in and finalizing beta versions. {TsL}Tempest Storm
Making MM5 and SFP's PHP System {SFP}CmptrWz
Names in Parenthesis are the original names of the ships. Happyman is one of my personal friends and you will probably never see him in BZ2

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