Starfleet Platoon

The Outback

The Outback: What is it?

The Outback is a Unofficial Expansion Pack.  The Outback takes place a Desert Planet.  The ISDF's Scrap Supply is running low, and you are being sent to the planet to start scrap collection.  You will soon find out that the scions have already landed on the planet and are awaiting your arrival.  They will hit you with a surprise attack that will cause all ISDF units to go in disarray.  You will  bring them back into order and attack the Scions.  This surprise attack seems to perfect for you.  In fact, they seem to know your every move.  This could only mean one thing, you have a mole!  You must flush out the moles and destroy the scion threat before all the ISDF's secrets are revealed to the Scions!

The Outback: Legality

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