Starfleet Platoon


Q: I just installed Mod Manager 5, but The Outback won't show on the Mod List.  Why?
A: In MM5, go to File > Options and select "Show Old Formats"

Q: Battle Zone II Crashes when I try to load a saved game, why?
A: You are trying to load a saved OB game while OB is turned off.  You need to have OB turned on before loading any saved OB games.  It is recommended that any game you save while OB is on, you start the name with OB, this will keep you from loading it while OB is turned off. 

Q: Do I have to use a MOD Manager for The Outback
A: No, the Outback comes with  BAT files that will set it up.  However, MM is recommended due to its easy User Interface! 

Q: What MOD Managers are supported for The Outback
A: Currently, CmptrWz684 Mod Manager is the only Mod Manager I support for The Outback.

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